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What we do

Our aim is to provide clinical help to special need children, their parents and caregivers, in areas outside the preview of school and home environment. The emphasis was on one to one session within an environment specially tailored for the child.


At present, Aarohan provides special education, remedial session, speech therapy along with occupational and sensory integration therapy to children with autism, learning difficulties and other developmental delays. We also have with our experienced Psychologist providing counselling support to children and parents alike.


Aarohan aims to view parents, caregivers and the environment from the child’s perspective and helps to achieve this by training and guiding the parents and caregivers and structuring the environment to suit the child’s needs and challenges of daily living. At Aarohan professionals and family members work as a team for identifying problems and formulating intervention programme. Home programmes are also devised for outstation children.


Aarohan endeavours to create and enhance awareness of parents and society at large and has conducted workshops and seminars to this end.