Aarohan Welfare Society for Differently Abled Children was registered as an NGO under the Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961 with Registration No. S/1L/70657 of 2010-11.

We began our operations in February 2010, primarily providing occupational and sensory integration therapy, for children with Autism. At the time Aarohan was the only center offering exclusive occupational and sensory integration therapy to children with autism and other developmental delays.

Today we work with parents and caregivers to structure the environment for the child’s benefit by training and guiding the parents and caregivers to suit the child’s needs and challenges of daily living. At Aarohan professionals and family members work as a team for identifying problems and formulating intervention programme.

However what we do is not merely interventional at the personal level. Aarohan endeavours to create and enhance awareness of parents and society at large and has conducted workshops and seminars to this end as we intend to develop and share what we learn from our everyday challenges as well